Matching Chiffon Hijab Set - Bubble Gum

$10 $19.95

A monochromatic look like no other. Achieve the seamless look that our founder Jasmine is known for with the Matching Hijab Sets. Featuring unique and custom shades, exclusive to FARES. 

Set includes a chiffon hijab and matching modal jersey undercap. Available in 2 sizes. 

Style tip: style the sets using a Magnetic Pin to show off the undercap and create a flowy frame around the face. 

*These sets are custom dyed and matched according to natural lighting. Different light settings may make the colours appear slightly different. Colours may vary.

All Hijabs and Accessories are FINAL SALE

This set comes in 2 sizes:

Size 01: 160 x 60 cm (smaller)

Size 02: 180 cm x 70 cm (standard)

Tip: if you’re petite or looking for a hijab with less fabric and shorter than the standard hijab, choose Size 01. This size is also great for hijab styles that are just wrapped around the neck or thrown over the shoulder.

If you’re taller or you love the industry standard hijab length, go for Size 02. This size is also great for styles that require more length, like wrapping it around the head. Size 02 is considered the standard hijab length, so you really can’t go wrong.

*The undercap size is the same for both Size 01 and Size 02. Measurements are estimates as our items are hand cut and sewn. 

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