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New Arrivals

Get inspired with our newest arrivals, all of which have simplicity and modesty in mind. Here you'll find new designs that represent our commitment to blending contemporary styles with the timeless principles of modest dressing. Explore year-round favorites, as well as exclusive seasonal pieces made from the highest-quality fabrics.

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US - Knit Belted Cardigan - BlackUS - Knit Belted Cardigan - Black
US - Knit Belted Cardigan - OliveUS - Knit Belted Cardigan - Olive
US - Knit Relaxed Fit Hoodie - PecanUS - Knit Relaxed Fit Hoodie - Pecan
US - Oversized Cotton Shacket - CloudUS - Oversized Cotton Shacket - Cloud
US - Wide Leg Utility Sweatpants - CloudUS - Wide Leg Utility Sweatpants - Cloud
US - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - OliveUS - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - Olive
US - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - BlackUS - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - Black
US - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - PecanUS - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - Pecan
US - Knit Relaxed Fit Hoodie - BlackUS - Knit Relaxed Fit Hoodie - Black
US - Oversized Cotton Shacket - AmericanoUS - Oversized Cotton Shacket - Americano
US - Wide Leg Utility Sweatpants - AmericanoUS - Wide Leg Utility Sweatpants - Americano
US - Contrast Stitch Dress - Warm GreyUS - Contrast Stitch Dress - Warm Grey
Save $17US - Belted Knit Dress - Heather GreyUS - Belted Knit Dress - Heather Grey

Belted Knit Dress - Heather Grey

Regular price$89.00 Sale price$72.00
US - Velour Knit Half Zip - ChromeUS - Velour Knit Half Zip - Chrome
Save $17US - Belted Knit Dress - AmericanoUS - Belted Knit Dress - Americano

Belted Knit Dress - Americano

Regular price$89.00 Sale price$72.00
US - Matching Chiffon Hijab Set - RosemaryUS - Matching Chiffon Hijab Set - Rosemary

Discover the Latest in Modest Clothing

Discover our new arrivals that embody a perfect blend of innovation and style in the world of minimal and modest fashion. We prioritize timeless designs meant to last. Whether you prefer modern twists on classic styles or completely new designs, our collection is constantly evolving to offer you the best in modest clothing.

Take a Look at the Newest Modest Clothing Designs

As you explore our New Arrivals, you're not just browsing through clothing; you're taking a sneak peek into the newest designs in the modest fashion industry. Every item in this collection reflects our dedication to merging modern-wear with the timeless fundamentals of modest dressing. Discover pieces that are not only in fashion but also align with your personal style and beliefs.

Newest Designs, Minimal

At FARES, we understand that fashion is not just about trends, but also about expressing your unique style with modesty. That's why our latest designs reflect our determined commitment to quality and coverage. Whether you're looking for a modern take on a classic piece or something entirely new, our New Arrivals are sure to make you feel confident, stylish, and modest. Shop with us today and discover the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Embrace the New in Modesty with FARES

Our latest collection of New Arrivals is now live and ready to upgrade your wardrobe. Embrace the elegance of timeless designs and let your style do the talking - with our New Arrivals, you can now shop pieces that are not only comfortable, but also align with your modesty values.