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Pants & Skirts

Dive into our wide selection of Modest Pants & Skirts curated with different styles in mind. Whether it be a tailored fit or a wide-leg cut, you'll find that all of our designs are modestly-made with unique fabrics that are carefully selected to last.

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US - Wide Leg Utility Sweatpants - CloudUS - Wide Leg Utility Sweatpants - Cloud
US - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - BlackUS - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - Black
US - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - PecanUS - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - Pecan
US - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - OliveUS - Knit Relaxed Fit Pants - Olive
US - Wide Leg Utility Sweatpants - AmericanoUS - Wide Leg Utility Sweatpants - Americano
US - Velour Knit Pants - ChromeUS - Velour Knit Pants - Chrome
US - Velour Knit Pants - ThymeUS - Velour Knit Pants - Thyme
US - Velour Knit Pants - OatsUS - Velour Knit Pants - Oats
Save $11US - Textured Dress Pants - Khaki GreenUS - Textured Dress Pants - Khaki Green

Textured Dress Pants - Khaki Green

Regular price$49.00 Sale price$38.00
Save $11US - Textured Dress Pants - Soft TealUS - Textured Dress Pants - Soft Teal

Textured Dress Pants - Soft Teal

Regular price$49.00 Sale price$38.00
Save $39.95US - Buttery Jogger - WhiteUS - Buttery Jogger - White

Buttery Jogger - White

Regular price$49.95 Sale price$10.00
Save $80US - Patched Denim - Light WashUS - Patched Denim - Light Wash

Patched Denim - Light Wash

Regular price$95.00 Sale price$15.00
Sold outUS - Velour Knit Pants - NavyUS - Velour Knit Pants - Navy
Sold outSave $11US - Textured Dress Pants - CreamUS - Textured Dress Pants - Cream

Textured Dress Pants - Cream

Regular price$49.00 Sale price$38.00
Sold outSave $39.95US - Buttery Jogger - StoneUS - Buttery Jogger - Stone

Buttery Jogger - Stone

Regular price$49.95 Sale price$10.00
Sold outSave $20US - Linen Blend Pants - VanillaUS - Linen Blend Pants - Vanilla

Linen Blend Pants - Vanilla

Regular price$49.00 Sale price$29.00

Elegant Bottoms for Every Style

Our stunning collection of modest pants and skirts speaks volumes about the versatility of modest fashion. You can take your pick from our Pleated Skirts that add a touch of playful elegance or opt for our Tailored Trousers that upgrade any outfit. Every piece is carefully crafted with both comfort and style in mind, so you can feel confident and beautiful in your modest bottoms.

Quality Craftmanship and Designs

Finding the perfect pair of pants isn't always easy, especially when modesty is an important factor. At FARES, we prioritize modest cuts that fit comfortably and are curated with the highest-quality fabric, allowing you to use your pieces for years to come, with endless outfit possibilities.

FARES | Your Destination for Modest Skirts and Pants

Discover the beauty of versatile, modest bottoms that combine style and quality with FARES. Our Modest Skirts & Pants collection embodies elegance, comfort, and self-expression, reflecting your modest values and personal style. We've designed a wide selection of bottoms that we know you'll absolutely love. Visit us today and embrace a lifestyle that celebrates your modesty and individuality.