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Article: Post-Ramadan: Your Modesty Journey

Post-Ramadan: Your Modesty Journey

Post-Ramadan: Your Modesty Journey

As we close off Ramadan, many of us are looking at how we can continue to grow in our modesty journey after this blessed month comes to an end. Wherever we are in our modesty journey, there are two important parts to this growth. Whether we're starting anew or seeking to deepen our commitment, understanding the "why" and preparing for the "how" are two essential steps to getting started and maintaining our efforts longterm.


Understanding the “why”

        To truly grasp the "why," it is essential to properly understand Allah’s decree. Take some time to look into Islamic guidance on modesty, hijab, and haya derived from the Quran, Hadith, and scholarly guidance. It is so important for every one of us to look into and understand Islam for ourselves, to really own our journey and build our faith. Beyond this, the "why" isn't just about knowledge; it is about forging a connection with our faith, and nurturing it from within. It's about owning our journey, building our convictions, and finding solace in the wisdom of Islam. The beauty of modesty in Islam is that it encompasses every aspect of our expression of self, embodying modesty in our every action and intention.

May this blessed month allow you to reflect on your relationship with modesty, renew your commitment to humility, dignity, and reverence as well. May you also have the refresh you need to continue your journey to a better you.


Preparing for the "how"

        The other piece to helping us grow in our modesty is taking steps to set ourselves up with what we need for our journey. There is never a perfect or “right” time to start, and by taking the first steps to prepare yourself, you will get to where you want to go in time. Having key pieces in your wardrobe is a great start to your modesty journey, so let’s go over the essentials!


The Basics

The basics we are about to share are every modest girly’s best friend. They are the foundation on which you will build the rest of your outfit, and quality matters. Here are a few key pieces to help get you started:


  • Layering tops are an absolute must, from helping provide coverage with any sheer pieces or lower necklines you may have, to providing extra length for tops that have cropped sleeves. The FARES Long Sleeve Layers are the perfect layering pieces. Alternatively, if you only need front coverage, the Sleeveless Layers are a great option, especially for warmer climates!
  • Leggings and slip skirts are another must for providing extra coverage you may need. Make sure that they are seamless and lightweight so that your layering is still breathable.


  • Perfecting your hijab style is all about the accessories that help keep it in place and give you the coverage you need! Start with one of our Hijab Scrunchies to keep your hair secure and to even out the shape of your bun. Try one of our Matching Hijab Sets - a hijab and perfectly matching undercap to give you a seamless and monochromatic look. Lastly, keep everything secure and in place with our Hijab Magnet Pins. The perfect way to secure your hijab, without causing any damage.


Everyday Essentials

  • Loose Fitting Pants and Skirts: Wide-leg pants and flowy skirts provide comfort and coverage, making them perfect for daily wear. They are versatile and modest, and since they are loose-fitting, they are great for warmer weather. 
  • Long Tops and Tunics: Pair long tops or tunics with modest pants or jeans for a laid back yet stylish look. The FARES Wide Sleeve Tunic is a must-have, as it can be styled in so many different ways.
  • Maxi Dresses: Quick and easy, maxi dresses are a whole outfit in one that also elevates any look! Whether it's warm or cold outside, FARES has maxi dresses for every season.
  • Cardigans and Shackets: Layering with cardigans or shackets adds versatility to your wardrobe while maintaining modesty. Cardigans and jackets can be a year-long staple, as long as you go for a season-appropriate fabric. 

While these insights may serve as a starting point as we think about how we can grow in and continue our modesty journey after Ramadan, ultimately it is by the will of Allah that we find guidance on our path. Let us embrace this journey with a renewed sense of purpose and dedication, let us seek guidance in the teachings of Islam, and let us prepare ourselves with the tools and pieces we need to achieve our modesty goals. May our hearts be filled with hope and our spirits uplifted by the boundless blessings of Ramadan by Allah’s will and may we carry on the inspiration and dedication for the rest of the year.