Fashion Is For All

In recent years, the fashion industry has witnessed exponential growth coupled with monumental style moments and changes.
We're talking about MASSIVE CHANGES, the way we shop, the way we dress, our style icons, everything!
Content creators have become our inspiration and main source of information for all things style. 
Bits and pieces in littles squares are now defining our fashion choices & beyond.
While we see the narrative change, we acknowledge that there is an endless amount of work to be done in the business of fashion, especially when it comes to modest fashion. 
Ever been out shopping, found the perfect shirt, fell in love, but.. it's see-through.
You're scanning through another store, looking at their new collection, but wait.. everything here needs another piece of clothing to make it more modest and suitable for your style. Deep necks, low backs, short sleeves, you know what we mean.
Mainstream Brands and Fashion Companies have for long, ignored the modest dresser and we truly know the struggle.
This is where FARES comes in, we fill a gap in the market, a very evident one, that has not been addressed before. Or at least, not in the way that we do it. 
Our goal at FARES is to create everyday outstanding designs, that are modern & sophisticated, and need no adjustments.
We want to make shopping an easy and enjoyable experience for you. Not only through the excellent service we offer, but also through our effortless and hassle-free designs. 
We truly believe that fashion is for everyone. You deserve that perfect outfit, straight off the rack- even if you choose to dress modestly.
We at FARES, are committed to designing pieces that are timeless, reflect modesty and are, of course, effortless to wear.
much love,